Kudos to the great service! Fuss-free and enjoyable experience.


As usual realiable and fast.


Best service for top up and withdraw The reply is almost immediately and no need to wait. Very impresses and very patient service even more many top up in one day Great!


Reliable and trustable. Fast deposit and withdrawal. Friendly and instruction stated clearly. Thumb up!


Fast withdrawal.

Caro Tan

Reliable and trustable. Fast deposit and withdrawal. Friendly and instruction stated clearly. Thumb up!


One word to describe, trustable! Fast deposit and withdrawal! Highly recommended! Thump up!


Once again exceptional services provided. Highly recommended.


Time and time again you guys have impressed me with the efficient service. Keep up the good work.


good service, fast cash in and out


Fast deposit and withdrawal! Reliable service as always!


never fail to meet my expectations


repeat customer, worth a patronage


Fast withdrawal done by bro justin

Goh sp

Have been here for 1 year, services is always fast and efficient! Best service ever.


no fuss when it comes to withdrawal


fast deposit and fast cash out ! good service !


Very fast and efficient deposit and withdrawals. Quick response timing and great customer service


great job bro


thumbs up service! Fast and reliable. Highly recommended.


As year passes by and season in soccer league changes. The quality and service this guys has doesn’t. Hats of to the team.


late withdrawal timing and fast cash out.

Where to find!


fast and trustable


fast deposit and withdrawal.


Fast and reliable service as always! 2 thumbs up :)


Trustable as always.


Reliable as always.


Quick and reliable withdrawal


Excellent service! Fast and efficient! Thumb up! 👍🏻


no fuss when it comes to a smooth withdrawal


lets boycott singapore pools.


Another withdrawal done within 15mins. Keep it up bro.


quick withdrawal!


just a superb trusted agent, fast withdrawal as indicated. will definitely support again


Fast and reliable


Have been a year with Justin. Always providing the best betting service. Is a strongly recommend agent. Withdrawal and cash in quickly. A reliable services! Thumb up (:

Shane Low

Another quick withdrawal. Well done bro.


The most reliable agent. Fast and efficient on their service! Thumb up

Shane Low

most trustable online bookie.


Justin is the best agent ever before… this is my 3rd withdrawn and stilll transfer within 30 min…. good job… keep it up..


Strongly recommended! Trusted and reliable. Withdraw within 15 min.


trusted agent. thumbs up


Pleased with the service. Fast and reliable


thumbs up again for the no fuss service


fast withdrawal as indicated on whatsapp. rec amount less than 30mins when requested. will support often tks


Again.. justin provide excellent service again… he is a guy we should support… thanks justin… ☺☺


pleased with the quality of service rendered


Justin is very good guy and this is my 2nd withdrawth and it took less than 10 min to deposit to my acc…. very impressive….. good job and should support….


super thumbs up! reliable agent


Justin is the best among the others. Deposit and withdrawth very fast and reliable too.. will support him in long run. Good job!!


great service as usual without fail


Indeed fast in topup and withdrawal, keep up the good work!


Great service, prompt and fast. Withdrawal done and credited in a short amount of time.


another positive feedback for Justin. coz he goes about your request in a professional manner. cheers


Justin is the best and most reliable and friendly agent good job


big or small money withdrawal, he obliges with minimal fuss.


Great reliable agent with prompt and fast service on depositing and withdrawing.

Benjamin Liu

Most reliable agent and very fast transaction. Once you ask for withdrawal during the timing given, within minutes money will be cash in to your account.


This a best service to stick to and i love it they are resalable and fast responding


Nice and reliable service


Fast service. Regardless is top up of acc or withdrawal. Keep it up Justin bro!


Very reliable and good service, smooth and fast when you top up or withdraw. Very efficient. 100% trustable. Detail will always be stated clearly by Justin, there is nothing to worry. Thank Justin!

Kian meng low

Again, I would say this is a good website with reliable services rendered. Prompt and helpful service! Good job! Keep it up.


Well done Justin… Will keep recommend friends to support u. 100% trustworthy n nvr fail for the past 21/2 yrs. Keep up the good job Justin…


fast and prompt. no fuss service


Good and reliable service. Justin is very prompt on payment.


Reliable and promt service


Reliable services ! Promptly able to receive top-up’s and winnings! Please support him !!


Good reliable service with trustworthiness that you can rely on. Thanks Justin, for the service and help rendered. Good stuff.


I enjoy my betting with a great service and very reliable. It is fast for cash in and cash out. All details is stated clearly. 100% trustable. I have been with this for almost 6 months and nothing goes wrong! Thank to Justin.


Reliable, prompt and quality service!

ben ho

Fast n reliable, withdraw done in less than 5 min

Zack ng

You guys are the most trustworthy and reliable gaming site I have ever encounter. Double thumbs up. Will surely highly recommend your efficient service to my kakis. Tks for the good work guys

tay hock chwee

Very reliable and good service, smooth and fast when you top up or withdraw. Very efficient. 100% trustable. Detail will always be stated clearly by Justin, there is nothing to worry. Thank Justin!




Very reliable gaming website. Fast and efficient.

tay hock chwee

Very good and 1000% trusted


R E L I A B L E is the word to describe justin.

choon an

Prompt reply and payment ! Way to go!


A big thank you, Justin. He is reliable and attention to detail. His intructions are very clear and straightforward. You can really trust this guy. At first, i was very skeptical if he will transfer my winning, but yeah, he did! Thumbs up!


efficient service


Very reliable and good service


no fuss service. efficient and smooth


Reliable and efficient.


Just withdraw 3000 : thank Justin fast and very good service


Very good service

Ng kim guan

Justin efficient n fast in response.


Very prompt in your enquiries. Almost immediately deposit and withdrawal upon request..


Good and fast transfer

mbk bangkok

First time use online betting. Good services experience provided by justin. Fast and good response. Top notch customer services.


Reliable service, prompt response, patient when contacted. Coolio!


very efficient service, be it top up or withdrawals.


Withdrawal and top up is very prompt and reliable very patient when even make many time deposit. and operating hours till very late also available. highly recommend!


Just win 2608 n withdraw all by awhile Justin tea already. He reliable. I been playing with him for 2 yrs plus as he is steady


As tournaments change and new season start. They’re still well versed with their top notch customer service.


Justin is very prompt, great service in deposit and withdrawal. Great job


Justin’s service and follow up is really prompt and professional always. Highly reliable agent who is very fast to attend to your SMS queries and seeks to resolve your issues asap. Be it fund deposit or withdrawal, he has been able to get it transacted, usually within mins. This is especially important when you need the funds asap to place your bets or need the winnings to pay your bills. A very reliable agent and site he has managed so far. Well done and keep it up.


i love this guy Justin. very responsive, cool, trustworthy. keep it up Vbet77 and Justin bro. cheers.


Very good service! Fast Top up & withdrawal.fast response. A very reliable service! Thank Justin!


Very fast Top up & withdrawal service. Very reliable & efficient. Good service service by Justin!


This is the first time I tried online betting other than Singapore pools of course not to mentioned those illegal betting website controlled by ah long, the my experience was far more than satisfied and the transaction was easy, fast and no hassle at all and the odds also very good compare to Singapore pools Thank you Justin for providing me with professional support and winnings were transferred in minutes

Goh Thian Min

Fast and prompt. ?


Very efficient,instant cash in and cash out. Highly recommended.


Very fast response when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. This is a site you can trust.


Justin is great.. Swift service 24/7!


2 Thumbs up!!! Fast, efficient and responsive.. Recommended..


Fast top up and withdrawal service by Justin. Keep up the good work !


Any week of the day at any hour of the withdrawal allocated time. They’re just too promising with their transaction. They’re fast.


Very good service hope everyone can continue with him or join as a new player defintrly reliable


Justin is quick n accurate on transfer n update!!nice guy!great job bro!:)


Very efficent! Be it opening account, replying you and withdrawing.


Fast reply n fast transfer!reliable to the max!instant reply 99% of the time!thanks justin bro!


Very good agent brother Justin hope to play with him more


Fast and reliable.


Truly very effective website. They’re proving variety of bets for EURO 2016. They’re also still fast with deposits and withdrawals during this busy period.


Fast deposit , fast withdrawal.. reliable


Justin is efficient in carrying out my request!thumbs up for him!its seriously my first time having such a reliable and EFFICIENT agent!

jason ang

Very reliable and honest! Fast replies! Very trustable!


They’re very reliable. They’ve always been fast and prompt with the transactions. They’re trustable with any amount of deposits and withdrawals. Happy to be associated with them :)


Justin goes the distance when i have some doubts about betting. he explained everything clearly. Topping up and withdrawing is smooth as always! Thumbs up to the team! :)


Quick replies – always responds very quickly to queries and requests. Great job


Simply very efficient with top ups and withdrawals. It just gets better with the speed of the support team. Hats off to them.


Fast n smooth deposit n withdrawal done by justin…no longer have doubts now..


Justin is very efficient and good. been with them for long time, and always respond very fast. cash out also very good and fast. 2 thumbs up


Have been with them for almost a year and have no problem. Reliable service and friendly. Highly recommended. A+++


no matter is for deposit or withdrawal request, service is prompt and efficient. thumbs up.


Quick response time! For top up and most importantly when withdrawing


I’ve been betting with him for close to 2 years now, good service, keep it up!


Always never fail to respond within 10mins. Good work by justice.


Fast service by Justin


Less than 5mins to cash out, good agent, Justin


super reliable n fast withdrawal too. been with them for 2 yrs plus n no problem.


good ….. trust worthy and reliable


On time and fast service by Justin always


Justine is very good and reliable.


Reliable and fast! Good and trustable ! Recommend to play


Withdrawal was fast as promised within 5mins , good job+


Withdrawal within few mins thumbs up .
Good job guys keep it up
Highly recommended 5 star service


Fast and efficient. Keep it up guys 5 star service


Less than 10mins cash out daily, good agent!


Deposit and cash out it’s fast!


Best agent ever. Everything done was fast including payment.


Hi All
I just wanna compliment on the good and efficient service of Justin. Always on the ball and super quick to revert :)

Darren Yeo

Fast payout! Request around 5mins and funds it’s into my bank account. Keep up the good work Justin!


Good and fast service by Justin! So far the best website ever, will continue to support this website.


wow !!! I won 8k in the midnight and I withdraw the next morning and it is done within a hour !!! I love vbet77 , very secure and good trust web that u can bet on!!!


Good service. Trusted service. Fast and Easy. No doubt on the service provide.


Their responds are too fast to any form of request. Be it deposits or withdrawal. They cash in rebate effectively too on every Monday or a day when you have most lost. Their service have been very effective. I’m glad to have build a bond with them. :)


Withdrawal less then 5 mins . Reliable and efficient thumbs up highly recommended . Keep it up


Thanks justin for the prompt withdrawal tis morning at 9.40am.. fast n reliable….


Withdrawal less then 5 mins . Reliable and efficient thumbs up highly recommended . Keep it up


Fast & reliable response to withdraw! Great service.

Wee siong

Withdrawal was fast this morning…within 5min…thumbs up !!!


this service is very fast for top up and withdrawal very efficient.
respond is very good.
230am message and still can top up , best.

will surely recommend to people !


My main point of contact is Justin and I am very pleased with his service so far. Quick and responsive :)


Quick deposits and withdrawals are done promptly just with a text. It pleases me and they’re just so effective as bookies. Their kind nature is just another plus point. Please take a visit to website. Thanks.


Very fast and prompt service!


Good service. Fast response. In and Out of fund very fast.


Fast payout within 5 minutes, highly recommend. Good service and a good attitude.


Only 1 word to describe when drawing out money.. FAST..


Good service. ..awesome!


Fast and reliable for withdrawal. Very helpful customer service too. Recommended for this site.


Probably a world record. Sent a withdrawal sms and in less than 1 minute, money was in. Superb service.


Have lost quite abit but when finally win the payment was prompt.. the service and responsiveness throughout the day is prompt too.. keep up the good work.. only needs to be more clearer n transparent in terms of the promotion, rebates calculations and they r perfect already.. be the biggest bookmaker in the whole of Asia!


justine till today gd n efficent


Very good response time and friendly agent. Best i have used.


Overall reliable and efficient. Importantly, very fast deposits and withdrawals. Highly recommended!


was impress by vbet77 reliability and efficiency. Whether isit deposit or withdrawal the service is fast. I really thank vbet77, you are truely my number 1 trusted agent.


Trustworthy and effortless! 2 thumbs up!


Efficient and organised. Had a withdrawal done in just 5 minutes. Explanation on initial account setup was clear and concise. Integrity is prevalent with Vbet.


Withdrawal and deposit is fast and almost instantly. Justin is someone whom I will recommend to my friends.


Till Date, Vbet is one of the best agents I had deal with..Fast, Reliable, no gimmicks! withdrawal of winnings transfered within 5mins!


Fast n reliable service


Always reliable good services


Justin is trustworthy and service orientated. Cash in and out was fast every times.


Vbet Is VERY reliable, efficient service regardless of cashing in or out . Definitely will recommend my friends to support.


Super reliable n efficent. They treat player as fren. Always promise wat they say


Had try this agent Justin. Reliable and fast.


Great job Justin.. I have never met such a reliable agent . Strongly recommend !!!!


Very fast transactions done whether its deposit or withdrawal..keep it up Vbet!


Definitely recommend this! Withdrawal less than 5mins, reliable and efficient!

Wen Jie

Made a withdrawal this morning , $$ was transferred within 10 mins . Fast n Good service


Very fast and good service. Has been very efficient and fast with all replies. Always managed to top up and withdrawal without difficulties.


Used this agent, Justin and withdraw a few times. The amount may not be huge. So far so good. Will write another Testimonial as time go by.


This is the best service I received. Withdrawal and deposit is almost instantly.
Very reliable and I Will sure recommend


Although I had been experiencing Bet365 & WH all these while being they are reputable sites, I was initially pretty skeptical of Vbet but what I am about to say is I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!!! This was ultimately impressive and I felt safe with them. Cut my compliments short..
1. I deposited $200 at 10:30am..to test water…
2. My requested account was created at 10:39am
3. My games ends at 1:06pm
4. I requested a withdrawal of $900 thereafter
5: My winnings was created at 1:19pm

He took simply 13mins… ! That’s out of the world!


Their service is top class and reliable. I had doubt at first. But no harm trying small first.


I will take this opportunity to thank Justin for being so committed and also very good service provided. The withdrawal is done within minutes. Will continue to support Vbet77!


Have been playing with this web for quite some time alr.. For deposit n withdrawal , good & reliable service. Trustworthy i would say


Been betting with Justin. Deposit and withdrawal is very prompt. Reliable and highly recommended.


Very reliable. All my withdrawals have been very prompt.


Fast and excellent service


fast n trust. recommended.


Very fast withdrawal service, really the most reliable agent of all time. Thumbs up to you!


Fast payment .thanks


One of the best in this industry..

Super fast reply
Super fast top up
Super fast withdrawal
Super friendly service

I will recommend anyone who need an account to look for this guy


Fast and effecient service.Prompt reply always.


Deposit is always immediately.

withdrawal comes in very efficient! Thanks !!

This is the best I have ever seen.

Will recommend to everyone.


This is the best I have ever seen.

Deposit and Withdrawal is so fast and reliable.

efficient and great thanks !!



I have been using Vbet for one month now. Topping up and withdrawal are very efficient. At first I was abit scared but Vbet has proven to me very efficient and honest and I will continue to use them.

JL from Singapore


justin is reliable and service is fast!


Fast withdrawal and trusted agent. Love the service provided


fast in replying , top up credit, cashout…recommended bookmaker..


Reliable , friendly and trustworthy agent, withdrawal as fast and efficient within 5 mins of waiting. Good job bro justin. Job well done!


Bro justin my english alittlebit but hokkien bo limit.. one word for vbet77 HO ah!!


I would like to praised Mr Justin being a wonderful n very reliable agent as the services was delivered as promised. Credit n cash out within 5 min. Will introduced to all to support . Justin well done.

Rkger C K

Fast & reliable agent . Made withdrawal & money was in within an hour . Top up & adding credits also very fast ,less than 10 mins

Cheers & Huat ah



Have open account with V bet 777. Very fast and reliable. The withdrawal is also swift. Thumbs up to Justin for his superb service!


Very prompt and fast withdrawal. Good Service


Fast and reliable . Withdrawal in less than 30 Mins as promise.


Deposit and payment is prompt , would recommend this to anyone and everyone …


The payment was fast and they will not hesitate to reply you. very reliable. Will continue to support. Huat ah!


Reliable as I req withdraw I got it within min I informed my agent.

Edward Lim

Amazing guy, fast withdrawal and friendly. definitely worth a try, im sticking with him for long time man!


Good with fast service


Very fast n good service. Withdrawal done in 10mins. But recently lost, if I wan to play will play with him again. Thanks. Trusted agent


Prompt and fast withdrawal .Definitely going to continue to use this service.


Fastest withdrawal . Send in a request at 11.30am got the $ in less than 3 minutes . No question asked and no delay.


very fast and reliable service that I have gotten. request withdrawal and got it within 10 minutes.


Second time I used Vbet. Payout as expected. Will continue to use him.Cheers!!! highly recommended!!

jimmy cai

No Joke, the service is very fast. I can retrieve my winnings within 10min….


Send in a request at 9.30am for withdrawal . Promptly recieve $ in less than 15 mins . Efficient & Trustworthy


Thanks Vbet77 for the past one month. Has been placing bet for world cup via vbet77. Their service is fast. And real fast. Very responsive. I think everyone should join here. Cheers


This is my first time open an account from Vbet77 and first time withdrawn money. Desposit and cash out fast .i find that Justin is a trusted agent. Fast response, efficient and excellent customer service. Well done! Highly recommended!!I will continue using .Cheers!!


Their deposit and withdrawal is convenience fast and reliable
Thank you and will intro to those who wish to have convenient betting


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